More than just prophylaxis

Prevention comes from praevenire, Latin for, anticipate ‘,’ prevent ‘. With the concept of PerioPrevention can succeed in periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and peri forestall. The fulfillment of the desire for lifelong oral health with healthy teeth and obtained its own durable implants has become for everyone within reach. 

disease prevention can be divided into primary, secondary and tertiary prevention:


The so-called primary prevention begins before the occurrence of periodontal / peri-implantitis and aims to counteract the development of periodontal diseases opposite. Include primary prevention measures

  • aMMP-8 biomarker rapid test PerioSafe
  • Regular professional tooth cleaning (PTC)
  • Optimal oral hygiene, eg with PerioSafe Care

Optimal primary prevention with PerioSafe and PerioSafe Care

The PerioSafe test gives an indication of the risk of progressive destructive disease of the periodontium in a reversible stage. By methods such as X-ray or probing the tissue damage can be diagnosed until weeks or months later. Regularly at-risk patients (eg diabetics, cardiac, COPD, rheumatoid patients) performed PerioSafe can detect oral tissue breakdown early.

Secondary prevention

Secondary prevention begins in the early stages of periodontal disease / to peri. It is used for early detection and containment of its progression. As periodontal diseases run for a long time without symptoms, one of the most important measures of secondary prevention to detect tissue breakdown early yet BEFORE periodontitis is visible. Include measures of secondary prevention

  • aMMP-8 biomarker rapid test PerioSafe
  • Supportive periodontal therapy (UPT)

Optimal secondary prevention with PerioSafe

The PerioSafe rapid test detected early oral tissue degradation as part of regular prophylaxis and recall.

Tertiary prevention

In the Tertiary prevention takes place after acute care treatment, or manifestation of periodontal / peri-implantitis. With her damages and relapses are to be prevented. Include measures of tertiary prevention

  • Rebuilding defective periodontal structures
  • Implant maintenance therapy
  • aMMP-8 biomarker rapid test Implant Safe

Optimal tertiary prevention with Implant safe

Implant Safe is the world’s first oral health test for the prevention and early detection of hidden inflammation of the dental implant. Regularly carried out, for example, each implant recall, Implant safe is unlike an exploratory recognize the risk of ignition advance, even before irreparable damage occurs.